Macro helpdesk for the European commission.

In December 2021, FERDI experts joined with the Budget Support Division of Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA) to provide macroeconomic analysis support.


This support, called Macro Help-Desk, consisted of participating in the development of a budget risk analysis model, a macroeconomic database platform, 12 macroeconomic policy notes and 14 responses to requests for information from the Commission's country delegations. The themes addressed in this support covered  sustainability of debt, inflation of food prices, digitalisation of money, special economic zones, and monetary financing.

Achievements 2023-2024

↪ After assisting in the establishment of the Macroeconomic Helpdesk for the European Commission's General Department for International Partnerships in 2022, Grégoire Rota-Graziosi is leading the project's expansion.

Supported by FERDI in 2023, this internal macroeconomic and financial analysis tool has produced various reports and policy briefs on topics such as budget risk management, green budgeting, and de-dollarization, and organized webinars for EU Commission staff.