Workshop on Climate Migration by AFD-FERDI-LISER

October 18, 2019,

Frédéric Docquier presented the paper "Climate Change, Inequality, and Human Migration" (joint with Burzynski M., Deuster C., and Melo J.)
Part 1: Global perspective

Michel Beine (University of Luxembourg) : A Meta-Analysis of the Literature on Climate Change and Migration (joint with Jeusette L.)

Frederic Docquier (LISER and IRES, UC Louvain, FERDI): Climate Change, Inequality and Human Migration (joint with Burzynski M., Deuster C., and Melo J.)

Part2: Case studies

Katrin Millock (Paris school of Economics): Drought driven migration and marriage patterns in Malawi (joint with Becerra Valbuena L.)

Ilse Ruyssen (Ghent University): Weather Shocks and migration intentions in Western Africa: Insights from a multilevel analysis (joint with Bertoli S., Docquier F., Rapoport H.)

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