Tagpay World 2016

September 20, 2016 > September 21, 2016, Paris

Christophe Angely, Director of Strategy at Ferdi, participated at the TagPay conference on digital banking and digital financial services

How digital technologies are reshaping the financial landscape? How the mobile money is spreading in low-banked countries? Does it provide a trusted way  to spread the access for all  to the bank and insurance services ?

Christophe Angely, Director of strategy at Ferdi dealt with these issues at the confrence organised by TagPay. He presented the context in Sub-saharian Africa and gave the figures of mobile money payments development. His presentation reviews the provisions allowing financial inclusion in developing countries.

TagPay is a plateform of mobile financial services.

Read the presentation by Christophe Angely

The agenda and more information on TagPay website.