Round Table at Sciences-Po Lyon: Sustainable development: issues and governance?

November 05, 2019, Lyon

Matthieu Boussichas, Head of the Development Finance Programme, FERDI was a speaker.

Participants :

  • Issa N'Diaye, Philosopher, University of Bamako, former Minister of Education and Former Minister of Culture and Scientific Research of Mali.
  • Mayke Kaag, Professor of Anthropology, University of Leiden (Netherlands)
  • Matthieu Boussichas, Head of the Development Finance Programme, Ferdi
  • Samadia Sadouni, Senior Lecturer, Sciences Po Lyon, Head of DEASC (Diploma of Establishment on Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa)

Theme :

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) that were set by the United Nations in 2015 are ambitious and call on the international community to achieve, by 2030, a development that serves current and future generations. The 2030 Agenda is, like the Paris Climate Agreement, a bet to preserve common goods. These common goods become the basis of a peace essential to decrease inequality, poverty and climate justice. This intergovernmental call, rallied by civil society actors, for standardized governance and for the common good, is nevertheless met with resistance, particularly from nationalisms in the North and the South. The latter actors are intransigent in defending the economic and social interests of their fellow citizens and consider that their development should not be constrained by the international community as it falls within their national sovereignty.

The objective of this round table was to answer questions relating to the political, social and economic challenges of sustainable development governance today but also from a historical perspective:

  • From the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the 2030 Agenda: towards new standards of solidarity governance?
  • International sustainable development policies: a political agenda constrained by globalization?
  • Have international relations become moral issues?
  • Migration at the heart of the stakeholders concerns in the governance of sustainable development?
  • Are sustainable development and world peace linked?