OECD Forum 2015

June 02, 2015, Paris

Patrick Guillaumont was speaker for the Discovery Lab - Talk Together about Financing Sustainable Development

The Forum 2015 took place at the OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France, on 2-3 June. The forum was a public event that brings together all sectors of society to share policies and ideas around 45 sessions.

Patrick Guillaumont, the President of the Ferdi was speaker at the "Discovery Lab - Talk Together"  about financing sustainable development. He has presented the book Financing sustainable development : addressing vunerabilities (eds : Patrick Guillaumont and Matthieu Boussichas, Programme Manager at the Ferdi).

More information : http://www.oecd.org/fr/forum/programme/sessions/discoverylab-talktogether-financingsustainabledevelopment.htm


 Bathylle Missika, Acting Head, Policy Dialogues Division, Development Centre at OECD and Patrick Guillaumont.