Measurement in Customs and Tax administrations in Developing and Emerging Countries

March 05, 2012 > March 06, 2012, Alger

Conference with the participation of Anne Marie Geourjon , Senior Fellow at Ferdi

Anne-Marie Geourjon, Senior Fellow at Ferdi, was in Algiers in the framework of a conference organized by the Algerian Customs, the World Customs Organization and the World Bank. She was a speaker on Monday in the panel No. 3, "Measuring to facilitate", of the conference.

Anne-Marie Geourjon (FERDI), Bertrand Laporte (CERDI), Ousmane Coundoul & Massene Gadiaga ( Douanes sénégalaises) : « Contrôler moins pour contrôler mieux : L’utilisation du data mining pour la gestion du risque en douane»