LDC IV Monitor : First Dhaka Expert Group Meeting

September 07, 2012 > September 09, 2012, Dhaka

Event organized by CPD, in collaboration with Ferdi and other members of the LDC IV Monitor Consortium.

Development Challenges of the Least Developed Countries
Tracking the International Commitments

The LDC IV Monitor members organized from 7th to 9th September 2012 an expert group meeting in Dhaka (Bangladesh). The aim of the event was to discuss the framework and the draft content of the first global report expected to be delivered on September 2013.
Around 35 participants from the partner institutions (Ferdi, CPD, Commonwealth Secretariat, CREA, ESRF, Galatasaray University, ICTSD, OECD) commented and presented the content of chapters. Some guest experts from UN agencies (DESA, UNDP, OHRLLS, UNCTAD, UNESCAP), university (Manchester) or international organizations (IDEAS Center, ODI, FES, NCAER, SAWTEE, TTI) attended the meeting and contributed to the improvement of the report.

After discussing the past events, the consortium recalled the organization of future events. The way to improve the communication of the LDC IV Monitor activities was also raised.
The sessions of chapters’ presentations gave opportunity to authors to present qualitative works. The discussions helped to orient each chapter to a more suitable and homogenous output.

Ferdi presented two contributions to the report during the meeting.
The first was on “Graduation and Smooth Transition” by Prof. Guillaumont and Dr. Drabo, and the second on “Climate Change, Vulnerability and Resilience” by Prof Guillaumont and C. Simonet.

The timeline and conditions of the report production was decided.
The consortium proposed the tentative table of content, the date of chapter delivery and the reviewing organization.
At the end of the meeting, the next EGM was decided to be organized in Africa on falling 2012 or January 2013.

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