Financing Development in a Post-Crisis World : The Need for Fresh Look

January 13, 2011 > January 15, 2011, Bogota

The 12th Annual Global Development Conference of the Global Development Network (GDN) in partnership with the Universidad de los Andes

We live in turbulent times. In a post-crisis world, we need innovative ideas and a fresh look at a broad range of development issues. A research and policy area in urgent need of a fresh approach and new ideas is development finance, broadly defined to include domestic resource mobilization and financial sector development as well as foreign aid and other external capital flows. In this context, it is not surprising that the global financial ‘architecture’ is currently once again being questioned and the whole development finance ‘system’ (or ‘non-system’) is being re-examined..... Read more  ( background note)

Programme   ►Presentation by Patrick Guillaumont, Ferdi

"Performance or Vulnerability? The Rationale of Aid Allocation in the New Emerging Landscape" 

►  article : "Considering vulnerability as an aid allocation criterion"