Bonnes Nouvelles d’Afrique (Good news from Africa) 2019

June 06, 2019, Bordeaux

The students of the GPE programme participated in the 2019 edition of the Bonnes Nouvelles d'Afrique.

They were invited by  he organisers of the event, the Mayor of Bordeaux, the Fondation Prospective et Innovation and Sciences Po Bordeaux.

The dense programme brought together policy makers and experts to deal with the actual following issues:

  • Security and development in the Sahel: where do we stand two years after the launch of the Alliance for the Sahel?", round table moderated by Patrick Guillaumont, President of FERDI
  • Can Africa develop without industrialization?
  • Africa and digital: opportunity or trap?
  • Africa in a time of financial uncertainty, with the participation of Christophe Angely, Head of Strategy at FERDI

The GPE students were also invited by the Pierre Castel Fund to participate in a round table discussion organised with the Crédit Agricole of Aquitaine on the topic: "The new agricultural challenges for Africa in the 21st century" with the interventions of Sylvie Brunel "An immense potential...and immense obstacles" and Philippe Dessertine "The agricultural challenge of 21st century Africa: a challenge of the 4th industrial revolution".