The project "Designing new international development policies from research outcomes. Enhancement of the Initiative for Development and Global Governance" (IDGM+) , involving FERDI, CERDI, and IDDRI, was selected in 2011 as a "Future Investments" programme of the French Laboratories of Excellence (LABEX).

The project “IDGM+ “Designing new international development policies from research outcomes. Enhancement of the Initiative for Development and Global Governance” is being conducted as an extension of the IDGM initiative.

Following the call for tenders for LABEX “laboratories of excellence” initiated by the French government, the project IDGM+ was selected in 2011.

The project is supported by the French government and is managed by the “Agence nationale pour la recherche (ANR)” with the reference “ANR-10-LABX-14-01”.

The Labex IDGM+ project associates CERDI with FERDI and IDDRI, who were already partners in the IDGM project. CERDI is a central partner in IDGM+ due to its research capacity. The project confirms and strengthens the support given by CNRS to CERDI by the creation of a “Centre of Excellence” in development economics and through the financing of an “Excellence Chair” at CERDI.

At the beginning, the IDGM initiative

FERDI and IDDRI, think tanks renowned for their expertise on issues of economic development and sustainable development, decided in 2007 to combine their actions within the framework of the "Initiative for Development and Global Governance" (IDGM). To this end, and following an inter-ministerial agreement, they received public support from the French Development Agency (AFD).

The IDGM aims to create a high-level French/European think tank on development policy and sustainable development in order to produce ideas and influence the international debate on international development.

The objective of IDGM+

The aim of IDGM+ is to reach the minimum critical size for the existence of a think tank on development issues at the European level, combing French and European researchers, and researchers from the South to have an international visibility comparable to that of the biggest think tanks in the world particularly in the field of development economics, which was the initial aim of IDGM.

The project Labex IDGM+ is based on three central pillars :

  • scientific research on the effectiveness of development policies, sustainable development, and global governance;
  • a strategy to promote ideas helped by the existing partners’ networks and FERDI and IDDRI’s status of think tank
  • the impact on the training programs proposed by the CERDI/FERDI partnership and by Sciences-Po Paris where IDDRI provides the scientific leadership for two masters. All of these partners are well-known in the field of international development.
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I-SITE Cap 20-25

The "CAP 20-25" project, led by the University of Clermont Auvergne, was selected as part of the I-SITE (Science - Innovation - Territories - Economy) call for projects.  The program CAP 20-25 is a support for the policy of excellence, and contributes to the visibility of the Auvergne region and its University.

It covers 4 scientific challenges: 

- Challenge 1: Sustainable agro-ecosystems in a context of global change

- Challenge 2: Innovative systems and services for transport and production

- Challenge 3: Personalized mobility as a key factor in health

- Challenge 4: Catastrophic natural hazards and Socio-Economic Vulnerability

The IDGM+ lab is involved in the project with ClerVolc (Clermont Ferrand Centre for Volcano Research) on the scientific challenge "Catastrophic natural hazards and socio-economic vulnerability".


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