Publication of the collective book “Out of the trap: Supporting the Least Developed Countries”

This book focuses on the analysis and effectiveness of measures for LDCs.

Complete • October 29, 2019

A previous book Caught in a trap. Identifying the least developed countries scrutinized the rationale of the category and the criteria on which it relies.

This new book Out of the trap. Supporting the least developed countries examines the effectiveness of the international measures taken to support the Least Developed Countries. Through the contributions of many experts, it is the first overall assessment of the five-decade aid and trade measures to help LDCs to move “out of the trap”. It aims to disentangle the outcome of the international special support from the structural handicaps faced by LDCs. It casts light on the international policy reforms needed for LDCs in the framework of the post-2015 agenda.

The book will be translated into French.