Sustainable Competitiveness

The Sustainable Competitiveness Observatory (Observatoire de la Compétitivité durable, in French) aims to analyse the capacity of each of the 54 African countries to integrate into the global economy.

This is  analysed through the vulnerability of economies, the attractiveness of territories, and price competitiveness. These three items are also linked to performance variables, in this case, the overall and product-specific evolution of market shares.

Sustainable competitiveness and support for the CEMAC Commission in the face of the Covid-19 crisis

After analysing the impact on CEMAC of the external shocks from Covid and the erratic movements of oil prices, FERDI looked at the region's long-term development strategy. This work focused on the competitiveness of member states and the prospects for economic diversification. It helped support CEMAC in discussions with the IMF as part of the negotiation of the second generation of agreements. 

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