Security and Development

In line with current events and the concerns of Sahel actors, FERDI's work analyses the sources and risks of conflict.

• Identifying the sources of conflict. FERDI's work measures the frequency of violent events, and seeks to identify the factors that determine them. In 2019, FERDI created an Internal Violence Index (IVI). The IVI aims to compare the level of internal violence for 130 developing countries. It is a composite indicator of 9 variables grouped into 4 dimensions - internal conflict, crime, terrorism, and political violence.

• Identifying risks and preventing conflicts. A conflict risk indicator was developed during 2019 and finalized in 2020 by FERDI (Sosso Feidounou and Laurent Wagner) in collaboration with the Foundation Prospective & Innovation. This indicator is accompanied by an analysis of conflict factors and means of prevention.  Feindouno S., Wagner L. (2020). The determinants of internal conflict in the world: How to estimate the risks and better target prevention efforts? Ferdi, Fondation Prospective et Innovation (FPI), September 2020, 102 p. 

Achievements 2021-2022

Dynamic relationship between conflict and Internal displaced persons (IDPs) in the Sahel. FERDI is developing an IT programme concerning IDPs in the Central African Republic for the World Bank. Sosso Feindouno, FERDI Research Fellow, received the World Bank Group's DEC VPU Team Awards for FY21 (2021).

The Sahel Chair is associated with two studies: 

Fiscal Sustainability of the Security Sector in Countries in Situations of Fragility, Conflict, and Violence. Policy Note for the United Nations prepared by Matthieu Boussichas (FERDI), Vianney Dequiedt (FERDI/CERDI), Grégoire Rota-Graziosi (CERDI) and Tertius Zongo (forthcoming).

Comprehensive study on the impact of Covid-19 on the LDC category. Substantive contributions to the report of the Commission for Development Policy (CDP) edited by Roland Mollerus, CDP Secretariat, 2021.

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