Identifying, measuring, and differentiating financing flows for development

In a context of great country heterogeneity, FERDI accurately identifies what is the best financing flow in each situation.

FERDI helps to determine how to finance development in the most fragile environments, where vulnerabilities are strongest, and where traditional market mechanisms struggle to function effectively.


Active participation in the international debate on the modalities and implications of the reallocation of IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). FERDI has published several papers on the challenges of reallocation, on the evolution of the IMF's financial instruments, and on how to take vulnerabilities into account in the reallocation of SDRs. It has organised four conferences on the subject with its partners.

Facilitating debates on international development financing, particularly on the contribution of the private sector to African development. FERDI organised a conference in May 2021 as part of the Summit on the Financing of African Economies and its expertise is sought by the French National Assembly.


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