Identify financing flows for development

FERDI's work examines the financing flows for development in a context of heterogeneity between countries income level and vulnerability.

The wide diversity of country situations and levels of vulnerability means that international funding mechanisms and channels have to differ greatly.

FERDI accurately identifies which is the best financing flow in each situation.

FERDI helps to determine how to finance development in the most fragile environments, where vulnerabilities are strongest and traditional market mechanisms struggle to function effectively.

FERDI analyses the role of Official Development Assistance and identifies innovative financing mechanisms

Official Development Assistance (ODA) plays a major role in the most fragile environments, not only to cover essential development expenditures, but also to create the conditions for sustainable private financing of these economies. 

One of the keys of FERDI's work remains the analysis of the role of ODA and the identification of innovative financing mechanisms capable of capturing the private resources available around the world for the financing of sustainable development.

Results and Impact

  • FERDI's expertise in international development financing is regularly called upon, whether for the drafting of reports for national and international institutions, for participation in high-level debates and conferences, or in national consultations.

Examples: Interview of FERDI by the French National Assembly study group on official development assistance budgetary issues; Interview for the Canadian government international assistance review.

  • FERDI spreads its ideas through workshops which it organizes, with the aim of bringing together the various actors and communities involved in sustainable development, and to promote a plurality of points of view. 

Example: The organization in March 2018 of the workshop entitled "What’s new in innovative financing?" in partnership with IDDRI, the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), and the Leading Group for Innovative Financing.


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