Consequences of the coronavirus for African economies

As soon as the pandemic broke out, researchers affiliated with FERDI alerted Northern countries to the dramatic consequences of the global economic crisis on African countries in terms of health and mortality. They also warned of the inequalities in access to vaccines and treatments.

In an interview filmed by FERDI in February 2020, Jacky Mathonnat analysed the current situation and the future economic consequences for developing countries. In an editorial published in April 2020, Patrick Guillaumont pleaded for emergency aid and reminded the countries of the North of their responsibility; the countries of the North who by controlling the epidemic at home through containment, may export their potential excess mortality to the South.

Paul Derreumaux's "Scènes de rue à Bamako par temps de Covid" (Street scenes in Bamako during Covid) provided a concrete and illuminating example of the direct and indirect socio-economic consequences that the epidemic and the recession are adding to Mali's internal political challenges, while Jean-Michel Severino underlined the risk of destroying the network of small- and medium-sized enterprises that have been built up since the beginning of the century and which was the promise of sustainable development.

In a webinar organised by the Foundation Prospective et innovation “Covid-19, l’Afrique face au choc économique : pour une nouvelle donne de l’aide internationale” ("Covid- 19, Africa facing the economic shock: for a new deal in international aid"). Tertius Zongo testified of an increase in vulnerability factors (health, governance, education) in Sahelian countries.

In March 2021, Vianney Dequiedt co-published a note in Nature calling on manufacturers to share their technological know-how with developing countries through the Medicines Patent Pool.

A program in partnership with the AFD was launched to study the impact of Covid on mortality in Africa, and on the efficiency of health care structures in Burkina Faso and Niger, in collaboration with the Sahel Chair of FERDI. An article on the transfer of mortality from the North to the South is currently being submitted to The Lancet (Arcand J-L., Feindouno S. Guillaumont P.).

The fight against Covid depends to a large extent on the perception of households and their compliance with the recommendations made by the authorities, as well as on their attitude towards vaccination. Surveys in partnership with Cevipof and CERDI, led by Jacky Mathonnat, were conducted in Burkina Faso and Niger on these issues.

In total, more than 70 research papers, interviews, editorials, or webinars on the economic impacts of the Coronavirus on developing countries have been published in open access on the FERDI website.


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