Banking sector, financial structure and development

The development of a financial system to meet the specific challenges of poor countries is a research area in which FERDI and CERDI have had a long history. This competence is recognized through the partnership agreement which has linked FERDI to the Banque de France since 2012.

FERDI's work in partnership with CERDI on this theme focuses on:

  • The role of the financial system in development and in particular for the poorest populations
  • Financial products that can effectively innovate for the benefit of poor people in developing countries (including climate insurance products)
  • Interactions between financial volatility, prudential regulation, and economic growth, in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Results and Impact

In March 2012, the signing of an agreement with the Banque de France gave concrete form to the collaborations which FERDI and the Bank are implementing.

This agreement covers the following topics:

  • Price, exchange rate, and competitiveness in developing countries, particularly in the Franc Zone countries
  • Development financing, in particular new forms of non-tax financing
  • Role of the financial system in development.

This partnership with the Banque de France enables the joint production of working documents and briefs, the organization of international symposia and workshops, and exchanges. The organization of seminars between Banque de France managers and researchers is an opportunity to highlight the resulting work and recommendations.

Work carried out in partnership with the University of Manchester on financial volatility, macro-prudential regulation and growth in low-income countries contributed to the existing analytical literature and provided new evidence on the impact of financial volatility and its determinants on economic growth, with particular attention to the case of the low-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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