Agriculture and development

FERDI's work examines the importance of agriculture for the development of countries, and the means to develop family farms.

In collaboration with Alain de Janvry, Elisabeth Sadoulet and Alexandros Sarris, FERDI's works concern:

  • Methods of creating and adopting technological innovations to produce new agricultural plant varieties which are more resistant to climate change and shocks
  • Impact of, and methods of, setting up agricultural value chains for the development of family farms
  • Study of models for financing and insuring against natural disasters
  • Impact of the volatile international agricultural commodity prices on food security.

Results and Impact

The book published by FERDI Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance: Issues and Results (Clarke D., de Janvry A., Sadoulet E., Skoufias E. (2015) Ferdi, 105 p.) has been posted on the platform

Publication in 2017 of the book Learning for adopting: Technology adoption in developing country agriculture (by Janvry A., Macours K., Sadoulet, E. (2017), FERDI, 120 p.)

Publication in 2016 of the book Commodity market instability and asymmetries in developing countries: Development impacts and policies, (Sarris A. (2016), FERDI, 92 p.)


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