Agriculture and development

FERDI's work examines the importance of agriculture for the development of countries, and the means to develop family farms.

Agricultural value chains and competitiveness. FERDI is studying the different parameters that have a role to play (producer organisation, contracts, quality recognition, adoption of new technologies) for the inclusion of family farming in agricultural value chains. Studies of value chains and modernisation of agriculture in Africa, are continuing with a view to creating a FERDI Chair on these themes.

 Models for financing and insuring natural risks. Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet’s work examines the obstacles to the implementation of financing and insurance strategies for natural disaster risks. The aim is to encourage the implementation of financial strategies at the State level, so that States can respond to shocks and publicise government initiatives and relief programs to businesses and households.

Impact of international agricultural commodity price volatility on food security.  Alexandros Sarris' work examines the impact of commodity price volatility on food security. In 2016, Ferdi published the collective book Commodity market instability and asymmetries in developing countries: Development impacts and policies, edited by Sarris A. In 2022, this issue unfortunately finds resonance in the news and Rabah Arezki underlines in an interview for RFI the consequences and risks linked to inflation for the countries of the African continent. The causes, risks and responses to soaring prices were discussed on 17 June 2022 at a "Policies for Development" conference organised in partnership with the International University of Côte d'Ivoire (UICI). Ferdi's work on this topic is ongoing.


  •  Creation of a Chair for the modernization of agriculture in Africa
  • Study on the financing of agro-industrial SMEs
  • Work on responses to soaring commodity prices


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