Chair Agricultural modernisation policies in Africa

FERDI has created a Chair “Agricultural modernisation policies in Africa”. This Chair aims to bring together farmers, agribusinesses, political decision-makers, and international partners to reflect on how to accelerate the development of agriculture in Africa, and in particular in sub-Saharan African countries.

The agricultural sector in Africa is in a paradoxical situation: it occupies an essential economic and social position, but does not ensure food self-sufficiency, and it is maintaining the vast majority of rural populations in a situation of precarity and poverty.

The challenges are considerable in the light of urbanisation, increasing food imports, lack of added value products, and the increasing number  of risks - climatic-, food-, and security-related.


The Chair "Modernisation of African Agriculture", which FERDI has launched, aims to build the basis of a strategy  to favour the strengthening of agricultural entrepreneurship, from the village farmers and stockbreeders to the processing and marketing of agro-industries, by including in the research international investors and stakeholders in public/private partnerships.

Areas of work

The Chair will mobilise the expertise required to publish reference documents in which the issues below will be developed and discussed. In parallel, it will organise a series of workshops and conferences to facilitate changes in behaviour and public policy.

Topics to be covered: 

- New technical itineraries to increase volumes and quality

- Promotion of robust sectors and supply channels

- Professionalisation and increased expertise of producers 

- Decarbonisation of agricultural production and energy autonomy

- Promotion of local and national processing and distribution chains

- Financing of private investment 

The subject of the modernisation of African agriculture will be dealt with in a multidisciplinary manner, drawing on the various issues covered  at FERDI: Impact of development policies, evaluation of productivity and competitiveness factors, digital innovations, macroeconomic modelling, assessment of vulnerabilities and adaptation to the effects of climate change, etc.

Chair management team

Jean-Marc GRAVELLINI, Head of the Chair, former Director General of the Sahel Alliance, former Director of Operations at the French Development Agency

Catherine ARAUJO BONJEAN, Researcher at the CNRS, CERDI, Scientific Advisor of the Chair

Bagoré BATHILY, Managing Director of La Laiterie du Berger, a Senegalese company whose mission is to reduce poverty in Senegal by using local know-how and improving the living conditions of livestock farmers, will be the African Focal Point for the Chair 

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